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Our 3 main goals in Cougarettes are to educate the future of Computer Science, empower women in their coding skills, and expand the outreach of programming by encouraging all majors to use coding for their work or personal life.


We hope to consrtuct a sense of camaraderie amongst women in the field, build confidence in their skill set, and to develop their professional and technical skills. We cannot wait to meet you!


Helpful sessions to help develop knowledge and enhance resume projects!

Kattis Competitions

Bi-weekly coding competitions. Helps improve problem-solving skills and prepares for technical interviews.


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Meet the Officers!

Shannon Lombardo


Natalie Severino

Vice President

Mary Nguyen


Sana Akbani

Secretary and Coding Event Coordinator

Sara Umer

Marketing Chair

Saarah Latiff

Event Coordinator

Fatima Mirza

Recruitment Chair

Jaelyn Rogers


Tofi Oladipo

Communications Chair

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General membership is $20, Please send a request to join "Cougarettes" on 'Get Involved' through AccessUH. Payment methods are listed below! After we verify your payment, we will add you as a member. Make sure you check out our socials below to get plugged in!

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